Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Washington Post is running a contest and I entered

Dick Cheney is now working on his memoirs, and the contest is to find the best opening paragraph that he might write. My entry follows

I will let you know if I win.

On 9/11, within minutes after Moslem terrorists began their cowardly assault on the people of the United States, I assumed overall command of the military and security forces of The United States, and began to meet the attack, and to prepare a devastating and merciless counter attack upon their lair. I had no doubt that God had put me in this place at this time to save his country. President Bush, I knew, would have to grow, with my guidance, into a war time president, and until that happened, the responsibility of saving this country I love was mine alone. From this time forward, our task would be not merely total victory over our enemies, but their annihilation, with the help of God. My entire life to that date had prepared me for this moment, and I was eager for the fray.