Monday, June 8, 2009

The Good Stuff

Today’s Blog is about sharing. Me sharing good stuff I have discovered recently.

First, The Beach Lady.

I saw her several times on the beach and around the island and I never, to my regret, worked up the courage to start a conversation. And of course now she is gone. Or perhaps is now a butterfly as she foretold.

But with video no one today is ever entirely gone. Here is a clip of her talking about her life and philosophy.

Next, seven young black men make up as astounding acapella group called Naturally Seven. They had a gig in Paris recently and their agent sent them to perform on the Metro. It was recorded on a camcorder, and is really quite a performance. I won’t spoil it for you; Watch and you will be drawn into it.

Last, remember George Smiley, the frumpish, shy and tenacious anti-hero of John LeCarre’s brilliant spy novels? I started my first LeCarre novel many years ago on a Saturday night about midnight. I finished it five hours later. It was The Spy who Came in from the Cold. When Leamas at the end comes through Checkpoint Charlie, Smiley was there waiting.

The BBC is doing a radio dramatization of every Smiley book, starting May 23, 2009. Here is a special web site for the series, including LeCarre reading excerpts from the books.

And, yes, Smiley is real.


-Jim Longacre, Local Historian